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Consulting Engineers of Nova Scotia

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The Consulting Engineers of Nova Scotia (CENS), formerly the Nova Scotia Consulting Engineers Associations, is a group of 50 Nova Scotia based companies providing high quality jobs for more than 1,120 Nova Scotians in the business of engineering and related services. The marketplace is changing rapidly and CENS is changing with it. We have changed both our name and our visual identity but that's not all CENS plans to do.

We're also changing the way the consulting engineering business is conducted in Nova Scotia. For many years, our traditional core engineering competencies have served our customers well. However, as the local, national and global economic base evolves from resources to knowledge, we are adjusting our approach to business development by being both adaptable and innovative.

There is a sense of optimism in the province and growth in our industry. CENS will enable the industry to capitalize on those opportunities for growth that are essential for a dynamic, job-creating economy. To ensure our approach to business growth is focused, timely and relevant, CENS commissioned KPMG Consulting to carry out a study to help explain the current situation, identify competitive challenges and opportunities, and assist CENS with its strategic business planning.

The marketplace is changing rapidly and in significant ways for CENS members.

The oil and gas industry offers vast opportunities locally, both during development and afterward, when secondary industry is started. In addition, future opportunities abound worldwide in other developments through joint ventures.

Diversification in the information technology consulting and services field is generation new growth opportunities.

Many clients now prefer 'design-build' projects, which require larger firms, consortia including financing partners, and new marketing techniques.

Opportunities exist for a large amount of engineering work currently imported.

Traditional barriers in the international marketplace are falling, creating exciting new business opportunities.

Over the past 10 years, there has been significant growth in the amount of private sector work and business diversification while the volume of public sector work has declined.

With 85 percent local ownership and youthful energetic leadership, the Nova Scotia industry has a number of strengths that should enable CENS members to profit from the market trends that have been identified.

CENS members have access to excellent technical educational facilities and a track record of working cooperatively with them.

There is a balanced income base with over half of revenues from the private sector, one-third from the public sector and the remainder from expanding national and global export activities. Members have a broad range of scientific, technical and management skills in addition to traditional engineering expertise, creating a solid base for 'design-build' projects. There is proven expertise in forming strategic alliances and joint venture partnering.

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