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New Valley Homes - Brison Developments

Mitchell Brison
411 Gabriel Road
Falmouth, NS B0N 2T0
(p): 902-798-8224
(f): 902-798-8873
(p): 1-855-993-4663

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New Valley Homes Overview

Family Living by Design

New Valley Homes Inc. is Brison’s homebuilding company. We are committed to providing excellent service and assisting you, every step of the way, in your home building process. We offer our clients value for their hard earned money. Our construction standards are meeting or exceeding the Eneri-guide standard of 80, while our design features are second to none. New Valley Homes places a premium on bright, open living areas and kitchen layouts that work efficiently for today's busy families. We also work with you to incorporate specific interior or exterior details you want, so you get a home that is completely right for you and your family.

All Homes Include Lux 8-Year New Home Warranty to cover the structural integrity of your home.

We also offer a 1- year builder warranty to cover any structural or maintenance repairs to your new home, such as drywall cracks, screw and nail pops.

Sean Parker

Builder for New Valley Homes

Office: 1 (902) 798-8224

Cell: 1 (902) 790-3799

Fax: 1 (902) 798-8873


SHARP 2014 Awards

Sean Parker & the New Valley Homes team have received THREE very prestigious awards this year.....

- Lowest Heat Loss - 10 homes more than 2500 square feet

- Best Air Tightness - 10 homes more than 2500 square feet

- Highest Energuide Rating - 10 homes more than 2500 square feet

Why Brison?

Brison is a local, solutions-oriented community developer and homebuilder for those seeking a quality home, a quality investment, and a quality of life. After all, it’s not just about where you want to live, it’s HOW you want to live.

Your complete home building experience is our priority. Brison’s genuine, professional, supportive and flexible team, of home experts, will take the worry and hassle out of your decisions - from financial advice and design/build, to home décor, sales, and lifestyle support once you are in your new home. We will always find a way and get it done for you.

Our values

Building the very best communities, homes, and long-lasting relationships with our clients requires a strong foundation based on service, solutions and quality.


Whether you have your sights set on the Valley, or Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM), we help you determine where you want to live, and HOW you want to live. Worried about financing? Brison enjoys long-term and professional relationships with local banks and lenders to help you get the best mortgage for your home. We take the risk and the worry out of home building, helping you with every aspect - from the heating system and light fixtures you want, down to your choice of flooring and all your property maintenance, lifestyle support and service needs.


Brison is your ultimate home solutions provider. If you want to call the Valley home, we offer an array of quality communities and homes, where you can enjoy all the benefits of a rural life style while being in close proximity to various amenities, as well as the Halifax City centre- a mere 30-minute drive/commute from Windsor. Prefer a suburban/urban lifestyle? Brison can fulfill your home/building/living options in one of our beautifully situated HRM communities. We also provide high-end rental options based on your needs and desired location.


Brison, and our clients, value quality - on every level. We collaborate with you to integrate the specific interior or exterior details, you want, into your new home to make it just right. We achieve the highest rating possible in each home in terms of attention to detail, energy efficiency/cost, and finish. The result: a well-built, beautiful new home, a quality investment, and value for your dollar. Many of our communities are located in Nova Scotia’s scenic Valley region which offers a quality of life you just won’t find anywhere else.

The Team

With you every step of the way

Our genuine, professional, supportive and flexible team of home experts is here to help you - from financial advice, and design and build, to home décor, sales, and lifestyle support once you’re in your new home.

We will make sure you know all your options. Contact us today.


Monday to Friday

9:00 – 5:00

After hours call David at - 902-790-0111

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